Mine Lake Water Adventures

Mine Lake Water Adventures

Glass bottom kayak, paddleboard or snorkel Cuyuna’s crystal clear mining lakes in Cuyuna Country Recreation Area just minutes from Cuyuna Cove. Rentals now available in Crosby at Cuyuna Outfitters.


What are the Mine Pit Lakes in Cuyuna?

What once were massive iron ore mining pits in the early 1900s shut when mining came to a halt. With time, large trees and plants grew in these old red dirt pits. Now, spring fed and incredibly deep, the pits are shockingly beautiful lakes. The 15 mine lakes are endless, sprawling miles through the entire Cuyuna State Recreation Area. You can find yourself in secluded paradise, gliding along the crystal clear, turquoise shoreline. Kayaks, 'glass bottom' kayaks and paddleboards are available to rent starting July 2022 at Cuyuna Outfitters just blocks from Cuyuna Cove! Drop off and pick up options available at the mine lakes.

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