About the owners, Kelsey & Chris

Kelsey and Chris are international travelers, adventurers, nature-lovers, and proponents of moving your body through space and time. They believe in physicality on the fly followed by the healing that only nature can provide.

It’s their hope that others will experience the exhilaration and relaxation of a true outdoor retreat.

About Cuyuna Cove

Our Story

Kelsey and Chris were born and raised in Central Minnesota. They were not close friends growing up but life would bring them back together in a way they never expected. They both traveled and lived away from home, pursuing their passions. Chris moved to NYC where he opened his own physical therapy clinic and Kelsey lived in Austin, TX working in real estate. Kelsey renovated homes and eventually launched her very first Airbnb home in 2014 which, unbeknownst to her, would be the catalyst of Chris and Kelsey's future together. After reconnecting later in life, Chris and Kelsey renovated an RV, several homes and ended up living and loving life in the North Country of MN. They settled in Crosby, MN and purchased 3 acres of land that connected directly to Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area and the Mountain Bike trails. They worked their full time jobs while also turning the raw land into what you see today. A special thank you goes out to Kelsey's father for helping Kelsey and Chris build Cuyuna Cove in the midst of a global pandemic. Cuyuna Cove truly is a special story and was only possible due to the help and support from close family and friends. Kelsey and Chris spend a lot of their time at their old mining home they renovated in Crosby, MN  with their 2 large dogs. You can find them out every single day of the year exploring endless outdoor MN adventures and hanging out on Main Street. They also still travel to stay in Kelsey's little downtown Austin, TX condo (on Airbnb) that started it all years ago. Thank you for supporting this special small business and coming to explore the beauty of Cuyuna.

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Where it all began

Adventures create the best stories to share for a lifetime

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The Next Chapter

Follow along as Kelsey and Chris dive into their next adventure via social media and join their email list to be the very first to stay with them at @toftetrails www.toftetrails.com

Building the Dream

With the support from family and friends, Cuyuna Cove was built in just over 2 years. It took endless hours and a heavy dose of grit, determination and hard work.

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The finished product

Cuyuna Cove

The five cabins at Cuyuna Cove were completed on June 27th 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. The redwood sauna was finished in October 2021 and additional bungalow cabins are coming soon!

What a journey it has been! The best part of it all? Getting to know and meet so many amazing guests.

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A Note from Chris & Kelsey

“We cannot thank you enough for coming to stay at all of our unique properties. Our goal in designing and building Cuyuna Cove, Tofte Trails and sharing our homes in both Austin, TX and Crosby, MN  with you is that you’ll have a rejuvenating getaway filled with adventure, nature and connecting to yourself and loved ones. Memories made in these special destinations will truly last a lifetime and beyond! Enjoy every moment.”

Chris and Kelsey Signature